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june 2015

26/6 [fri]: Wounded Kite album release. De Nieuwe Anita, Frederik Hendrikstraat 111, A’dam.

may 2015

27/5 [wed]: Het einde van de wereld. Javakade 61 [boat], A’dam, 8 pm.

november 2014

21/11 [fri]: Youtopia Arts Festival. With The Woodwards, Dusty Stray and many others. Lloyd Hotel, Oostelijke Handelskade 34: 8 pm onwards. Festival tickets E 12,50 per day.

march 2014

07/03 [fri]: Maggie Brown album release. De Nieuwe Anita, Frederik Hendrikstraat 111, 9 pm.

december 2013

10/12 [tue]: Amnesty International 24h marathon [solo]. Keizersgracht 177, Amsterdam, 9 pm approx.

01/12 [sun]: Inside Llewyn Davis premiere event. With Ro Halfhide, Luke Nyman and others [solo]. Filmtheater Kriterion, Roetersstraat 170, Amsterdam, 7 pm onward.

october 2013

by Kasper Vogelzang
by Kasper Vogelzang

24/10 [thu]: RACQUET, with Chinup and Riverdistrict at Pakhuis Wilhelmina.

Veemkade 475, Amsterdam; 8 pm, E 5.

may 2013

24/05 [fri]: The New Adelphi Honorary Show Weekend Festival Spectacular. with The Avonden, Cousins (C), Ensor, Felix van Cleeff, Dassuad, Goddijn, Morris. Delicatessen Zeeburg, Veemkade 574, A’dam, 8:30 PM

16/05 [thu]: Pageturner. Pakhuis Wilhelmina, Veemkade 576, 9 PM, E 5

11/05 [sat]: SOTU festival (De Peper, OT301), A’dam. 9 + 11 pm, free

april 2013

27/04 [sat]: Zaal 100, De Wittenstr 100, A’dam

march 2013

22/03 [fri]. Cafe Latei [solo],  Zeedijk 143, A’dam, 9 pm, in honour of their new Japanese-themed menu.

12/03 [tue]. Het Blogbal. Op de Valreep, Polderweg 620, Amsterdam, starts 7.30 pm.

07/03 [thu]: Volta, Amsterdam. With Maggie Brown and The Delicate Project. Houtmankade 336, Amsterdam: 8:30 pm.


february 2013

19/02 [tue]: Witte Gei’t? at De Nieuwe Anita. With Fusee Doree and Maggie Brown. Frederik Hendrikstraat 111, Amsterdam; 21:32 and onwards.

17/02 [sun]: Cafe De Doelen [aka Oorlam], Kloveniersburgwal 125 A’dam; fun starts at 9.

08/02 [fri]: tbc

january 2013

19/01: The New New Adelphi Honorary Show. Mixed bag: collaborations, improvs and small sets. Crew includes parts of Maggie Brown, Gardening Company, Oscar Jan Hoogland, and the New New Motel Aurora. Delicatessen, Veemkade 574, starts 21:30 PM

december 2012

17/12 [mon]: support for Roger Hammond album release. Sugar Factory, Lijnbaansgracht 238 Amsterdam, 9 pm, damage E 5 [E 10 w/album].

november 2012

09/11 [fri]: Guilty Pleasures at Cafe Barco, Amsterdam, details tba

01/11 [thu]: double bill w. Here’s boy Elroy. Jet Lounge, Groen van Prinstererstraat 41, A’dam.

october 2012

23/10 [tue]: Witte gei’t, De Nieuwe Anita. yours truly as well as Felix van Cleeff, Markus Haringa and West Side Trio, starting 21:32. Frederik Hendrikstraat 111, A’dam.

20/10 [sat]: Irrational Library, Doelstraat 31-zwart, Haarlem. around 4 pm.

september 2012

17/09 [mon]: Only in 3s at Buurtboerderij. Dusty Stray, Here’s Boy Elroy and Motel Aurora at your service from 8 pm, food available 7 – 8. Buurtboerderij Ons Genoegen, Spaarndammerdijk 31, Amsterdam [edge of Westerpark/Sloterdijk office area].

16/09 [sun]: Czaar Peter festival, two in-store sets around 4 pm. Bureau Blanco / Juwelig, Czaar Peterstraat and 2e Leeghwaterstraat corner.

moved: 15/09 [sat]: Irrational Library, Doelstraat 31-zwart, Haarlem.

08/09 [sat]: Oostzeeweer by Vlam! Music by Hartog, Rotem Perach, and yours truly at Laing’s Nekstraat 44, A’dam, 6 -10.30 pm [former elementary school, enter through blue gate on street].

august 2012

22/08 [wed]: double bill with Dear John at Studio K. Timorplein 62, Amsterdam: 8 PM onwards.

july 2012

drawing by Henk Langeveld

30/07 [mon]: De Buurtboerderij im Westerpark. 8-9 pm, free entrance, lovely place buried on the deep edge of the park/Sloterdijk office area. Buurtboerderij Ons Genoegen, Spaarndammerdijk 31, Amsterdam.

28/07 [sat]: double bill w. Low Tide Island at Wilhelmina’s Delicatessen, Veemkade 574 sous.  starts 9.30 pm;

01/07 [sun]: Tolhuistuin season opening. several acoustic performers from 6-7.30 pm, other stuff going on all day.  Tolhuisweg 5, Amsterdam – map here. free.

june 2012

26/06 [tue]: Guilty Pleasures. Bad taste covers night – suspects include (but are not limited to) (portions of) Dusty Stray, Fusee Doree, Koended White, I Love Lucy, Lester, and yours truly. De Nieuwe Anita, Frederik Hendrikstraat 111, starts 21:32.

may 2012

12/05 [sat]: SOTU festival, OT 301 cafe, 9 pm. Overtoom 301, Amsterdam. see

april 2012

12/04 [thu]: MagneetLab festival preview at MusicMatrix, MusyQ, Atlantisplein 1, A’dam: 8 pm onwards.

06/04 [fri]: small set with old-time pals Chinup and tba at my second living room Delicatessen. it’s closing down soon, join while you still can! Sumatrastraat 32, A’dam: 8 pm onwards.

march 2012

31/03 [sat]: double bill [m/a including video by Rosa Menkman] with Here’s boy Elroy at De Nieuwe Anita, Frederik Hendrikstraat 111, Amsterdam.

02/03 [fri]: VLAM/de Meevaart, Balistraat 48A, Amsterdam, 5-10 pm.

february 2012

03/02 [fri]: Café Flambé, dinner and audio from 6 pm. Zaal 100, De Wittenstraat 100, Amsterdam.

january 2012

28/01 [sat]: Proostzee! varietè galore at former elementary school. Lester / Motel Aurora / Sayaka Akitsu&Maria Mavridou: Limited Garden / Ketelbinkie. Laing’s Nekstraat 44, Amsterdam, 4-9 in the PM

28/01 [sat]: De A&B show CANCELLED

12/01 [thu]: album release! both motel aurora and our bass player, Here’s boy Elroy, present latest work. garage rock duo The Teardrops and new formation Ensor [ex-Pfaff, Fusée Dorée] will add to the festivities. Pakhuis Wilhelmina, Veemkade 576. starts 9 PM, damage E 5.

november 2011

20/11 [sun]: dining & swining at La Vallade, one of Amsterdam’s best restaurants and best kept secrets. 12 – 3 pm = live music by Here’s boy Elroy [who happens to be the m/a bass player] and your truly, and a clothing swap deal at that. do not refrain from staying for food. Ringdijk 23, 1097 AB Amsterdam.

october 2011

23/10 [sun]: w band and Here’s boy Elroy at Op de Valreep, Polderweg 620, Oostpoort, Amsterdam. 4 – 8 PM, food available, music from around 5, free of charge.

20/10 [thu]: Pageturner w. Templo Diez, Lee Mason, Teardrops et al. Pakhuis Wilhelmina, Veemkade 576. starts 9 PM, damage E 5.

14/10 [fri]: The New Adelphi Honorary Show at the Deli, Sumatrastraat 32, Amsterdam. From 8.30 PM, damage E 5.

september 2011

20/09 [tue]: double with Vicky Lovecat at De Nieuwe Anita. Frederik Hendrikstraat 111, A’dam: 8.30 PM

august 2011

28/8 [sun]: Oostzee, Laing’s Nekstraat 44, Amsterdam

june 2011

28/6 [tue]: double bill withNo Ninja Am I. De Nieuwe Anita, Frederik Hendrikstraat 111, Amsterdam: 8 PM

16/6 [thu]: m/a as part of the Pfaffturner orchestra.Pakhuis Wilhelmina, Veemkade 576, Amsterdam: 9 PM

10/6 [fri]: double bill with M-JO. ‘t Blijvertje, 3e Oosterparkstraat 64, Amsterdam: 9 PM

april 2011

24/4: ASG showcase 2011 releases. with Max Vanremmerden, No Ninja Am I, Reaganesk, Gerhardt, others. see facebook event. Jet Lounge, Groen van Prinstererstraat 41, Amsterdam: 8 PM

march 2011

23/3: live new soundtrack to the film Solaris [Andrey Tarkovsky, 1972] with STU and Gijs van Wiechen. Delicatessen Zeeburg, Sumatrastraat 32, Amsterdam: 8:30 PM

17/3: double bill with Rotem Perach. Jet Lounge, Groen van Prinstererstraat 41, Amsterdam: 9 PM

february 2011

18/2 opening Outta’Line expo, Delicatessen Zeeburg, Sumatrastraat 32, Amsterdam: 7:30 PM

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